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Cheesemaker graduate becomes Tillamook’s first female FFA State Officer

Photo courtesy of Oregon FFA

Vivian Seaholm remembers sitting in the audience at the 2024 Oregon FFA State Convention, her heart racing. They were about to announce the 2024/25 State Officers. She was up for election.


“During the State Convention you give speeches and it’s a whole processes to become a state officer. The last day is when they announce who was elected,” Seaholm recalled. “You’re sitting there with thousands of people not knowing if you’re going to do this job for the next year. It’s such a nerve-wracking thing. I remember sitting there and holding the person’s hand next to me.”


The treasurer’s position was announced. Seaholm’s name was called.


2024-25 Oregon FFA State Officers

“I stood up and screamed,” she said. “I walked up to the stage and started bawling. I was just so happy.”


Seaholm’s election makes her the first female from the Tillamook FFA Chapter to serve as a State Officer. She’s also only one of five total from the chapter to serve since its inception in 1949. Most recently, Tillamook’s Ryan Mizee served this past year as Oregon FFA State Secretary.


“It’s super cool to represent and go down in history,” Seaholm said. 


For the next year, Seaholm will spend most of her time traveling around Oregon and the United States promoting the organization.


“This really is what I want to do; I want to serve others,” said Seaholm. “To me, that’s such a fulfilling life. I really love the leadership part of FFA, that’s where I thrive. I’m the happiest in a leadership position and seeing the potential in people.”

Seaholm at the Tillamook County Fair

Seaholm joined the Tillamook FFA Chapter in 8th grade. She began by showing animals at the Tillamook County Fair.


“I started really getting involved by becoming an officer my freshman year,” she said. “That’s when I dived into it. My main influence was that my dad was involved in agriculture. So, an agriculture-based association was a way that we could connect. Plus, all the cool high schoolers were involved in it.”


During her high school years, Seaholm held leadership positions as a Greenhand Officer, Chapter Sentinel, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Vice President, and Northwest District Chapter President. She’s competed in livestock judging, food science, dairy food science, and currently raises a heard of 20 lambs. 


Seaholm advises those interested in FFA to not let perceived barriers stop their interest or involvement.


“Students can be involved in FFA without having an animal,” Seaholm said. “They can raise bees, have an agricultural-based podcast, or manage the high school’s greenhouse. Animals are such a small part. There’s so much more that you can do in FFA.”


Outside of FFA, during her high school years, Seaholm was also a varsity cross country runner, participated on the trap shooting team, played the saxophone in band, and was on Charity Drive Council.


“Live in the moment. That’s something I’m really passionate about,” she said. “You’re never going to have this day again.”

Seaholm said her parents supported her many endeavors and were the ones getting her to and from her many extracurricular activities.


“My mom and dad drove me to so many places. I can’t image those gas prices,” she laughed. “My mom has been awesome and my best friend through this whole process. I think she’s been more nervous than I have.”


After serving as state officer, Seaholm said she wants to continue on the path of serving others.


 “I never wanted to go straight into college after high school,” Seaholm said. “Originally, I was interested in going into the military or I’ve thought about teaching overseas. I want to be a servant leader before I do anything for myself.”


Seaholm looks back on her time in the community with fondness.


“I’ve lived here since I was 7-8 years old,” she said. “Tillamook is very supportive of their youth. There’s a lot of love for the high school. It’s a good place to grow up, a lot of good values that you don’t find in a lot of other place.”


And a message to her fellow graduates: “Can’t wait to see you at the reunion. Thank you for being so welcoming.”


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